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In this one-day workshop with Caroline Bach, you will make a 3D weaved object, expressing one emotion or feeling. This can be a simple emotion or a complex one. It can be a fairly general emotion, or a very specific one. But you have to know which one you are going to work with, before you come to class!

During the workshop, we are going to look for shapes, textures and colour-ranges which best expresses the emotion of your choice. Your teacher will guide you and help you find a form and the best weaving technique to use. As you start weaving, your emotion will take shape under your hands.

Experience in textile art is not necessary; you will be working with your ‘inner material’. What you do need to do, however, is to think in advance about shapes and materials that could help you to transform the emotion you picked into a physical shape. Don’t focus only on fiber materials! You can bring along electricity wire, cables, plastic bags, paper, plant stems and leaves, leather, feathers, foam, silicone or hard materials like wood, ceramics, plastic, homemade beads, metal, or cardboard. Just be creative and bring along what suits you. At the end of the workshop, you go home with your 3D emotion in hand!

Caroline Bach is a young textile and jewellery artist based in Amsterdam. She grew up in France and she studied artistic tapestry at the school Duperré in Paris with the Australian artist Diana Brennan. She is questionning the boundaries by experimenting with unusual materials (like rubber, Kombucha, foam, cardboard) and flirting with costume, sculpture- and jewellery making. Caroline has developed a 3D language, using different textile and material properties. She is constantly looking for new techniques to add to her creative vocabulary.

Date: Friday, 8 March 2019

Time: 10.00 – 16.00 uur.
There is a lunch pause.

Caroline Bach

DIY Textile School
Tussen de Bogen 36
1013 JB Amsterdam

• €85 inclusive tax . Basic materials included. A material list will be uploaded within the week.
• Coffee and tea included. Students bring their own lunch.