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Online course Drawing with the Sewing Machine

DIY offers Drawing with the Sewing Machine as an online course. You can enroll through our webshop. We prepared a kit to buy which contains everything you may need (except the brand-specific darning foot for your sewing machine).


DIY offers Drawing with the Sewing Machine as an online course. You can enroll for this course by clicking on the button below or through our webshop. Once you have purchased the course and logged in, the instruction videos will be accessible to you. All the videos of the course(s) you subscribe to will be listed with handy links on the 'My Account' page. We prepared a kit for purchase that contains everything you need (except the brand-specific darning foot for your sewing machine).

Drawing with the sewing machine is a form of free-motion embroidery. The secret of free motion embroidery? It's no secret! Anyone can do it. Try it out yourself, when you subscribe to this course. Gather your own photo, drawing or an appealing picture from a magazine (a good size is A5-A4), and the rest of materials as described in the video. You can purchase the necessary materials by clicking on this link. We take care of the rest: textiles, thread, special needle for your machine, embroidery hoop, and clear instructions. It will be useful if you are already familiar with your sewing machine.

In a few pleasant hours you can learn to embroider freely, make different types of lines and shapes with thread, and if necessary, also enrich your drawing with color and texture.
The course is not about making one work and learning one technique. You discover many ways in which machine embroidery can be used with examples to inspire you. The starting point: bring your sense of humor and go with the flow. After a few fun hours of practice you will have a sampler of different techniques. You can continue practicing by embroidering your own clothing, creating fun pillows or textile paintings! Machine embroidery is hot, and after a few hours of practice you will understand why: this form of art is incredibly versatile. Once you know the technique, the possibilities are endless!

How to access the video content

Purchase access to our online video course by using the button below or go through our webshop. You have access to the online workshop for 4 weeks from moment of purchase. As part of the checkout process you will be asked to login and create a password. This will grant you access to the videos for this course. Some workshops have a recommended kit containing all you need to follow along (Europe only).

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