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Online course Dallying with Disperse Dyes

Disperse dyes (NL: STV - Transferverf) are special; they can be applied to synthetic fabrics in various ways.  If you are unfamiliar with dyeing synthetics in your artistic textile endeavors, but open to experimenting with “modern” materials, this introductory course is for you! We will show you a fun way to work with Disperse dyes (NL: STV - Transferverf).

In Dallying with Disperse Dyes we learn about dying synthetic fabrics. It's a very different process than dying natural fabrics. We apply dyes to paper first then to fabric! This opens up a wide range of creative possibilities to produce colors and patterns on your fabric.

In the course, we cover two different types of dyeing methods: using transfer crayons and transfer paints.

We use fabrics that are especially suited for mixed media and textile art, like polyester non-wovens such as Lutrador® and Evolon, but we also use every day fabrics like materials used for curtains.

We create resist materials using a heat gun and a soldering iron to create fascinating patterns in your design. You will see lots of examples on how to create fascinating artistic pieces beyond the dyeing process.

Besides the three part video instruction, you'll find a link to a handy downloadable pdf-file with more information about the fabrics, paints and other materials used in the lessons.

How to access the video content

Purchase access to our online video course by using the button below or go through our webshop. You have access to the online workshop for 4 weeks from moment of purchase. As part of the checkout process you will be asked to login and create a password. This will grant you access to the videos for this course.

"Life is about using the whole box of crayons." Get your transfer crayons and get started today!

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