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Map-making with Valerie Goodwin

Discover the possibilities of creating a map from fabric, paint and thread!

What is a Map?
map (map), mapped, mapping, n.
1. a drawing representing selected features of the earth’s surface or part of it.
2. a map like drawing of anything: a highway way, a weather map.

Maps are intriguing as an art form and as a vehicle for artistic expression. They are personal explorations of map language and imagined landscapes. Through satellite imagery sites like Google maps — almost any place can be translated into an exquisite mixed media Cartographic Quilt.

Name a favorite place. Is it in your city, your province, another country or somewhere far away? In this class, you can design a cartographic map of a favorite location such as your residence or birth place.

Using a fun and simple series of painted and collaged, mixed- media techniques, you will create a mixed media fiber art map. Valerie Goodwin, renowned artist from the U.S. will guide you through a series of steps that will provide opportunities to learn about design while giving you the freedom to experiment within a structured framework.

Important Note:
Because this class will require students to bring a usable map of their chosen favorite place, some pre-planning and communication with each student will be required so that each person brings a map that can be used in this workshop.

Valerie Goodwin


Tuesday & Wednesday, 26 & 27 May 2020 (Sign up as soon as possible, it will only run when there are enough students!)


10.00 – 16.30 with lunch pause.


DIY Textile School
Tussen de Bogen 36
1013 JB Amsterdam


€240,- inclusive tax and some materials
Including coffee and tea, students bring their own lunch.

(Snel inschrijven! De cursus gaat alleen door bij voldoende deelnemers!)

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