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Fabric Manipulation

Looking at her designs, you cannot help but wonder: ‘how does she do it’? Margherita Soldati’s pieces are often hand sewn, but as an artist and industrial designer, she is fascinated with questions like: how can we speed up the process: How can we create interesting textile effects using other experimental materials?


In this hands-on workshop of Fabric Manipulation, you will find out! You will learn how to manipulate textile and create 3D shapes and 3D patterns. During the workshop, we will try to create the same result by using different techniques. We will use several approaches, some more traditional and others definitely on the experimental side. The workshop will be in English.

Margherita creates work like no-one else does. She uses a wide variety of textile manipulation techniques: folded, pleated, smocked, scrunched… and as we look closer, fascinating patterns emerge before our eyes (and hands- you just have to touch them).

The workshop also includes a research-based part in which we will work and continue the manipulation by altering our textiles with different mediums. Perhaps products you have never used before or never thought of using on fabric!

Along with fabrics, we will work with a wide variety of objects like – among other things – an umbrella, small metal objects, hammer and nails, and a glue gun.

You will create samples of various manipulation techniques on a few different types of fabric, both in the traditional technique and in the modern experimental version. In addition you will work on a larger piece, learning about the effects of silicond, glue, heat, and techniuqes that will enhance your knowledge and open your mind to new possibilities. You will be able to duplicate all these techniques at home on your own clothing and interior design objects, or in textile art. Free you mind, come play with us in this exciting creative workshop!


Friday 19 July 2019

10.00 – 16.00. There is a lunch pause.

DIY Textile School
Tussen de Bogen 36
1013 JB Amsterdam

Margherita Soldati 

€85 inclusive tax.
Includes coffee and tea. Students are to bring their own lunch.

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